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Restorative Justice International .org

an activity of the Restorative Justice Project
Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Studies
Fresno Pacific University


"Restorative Justice" first became known as a way of working with either criminal behavior or child dependency issues. In both types of case the subject was behavior which resulted in broken relationships with broad impact on the immediate parties and the surrounding community. Retributive methods have limited effectiveness in both types of cases. Now, after nearly 30 years of experience using restorative methods in local cases, it is being recognized that the same principles can be applied with excellent results in community and society-wide situations.

Restorative Justice (RJI) is the response of Fresno Pacific University's Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Studies (PACS) to the need of larger communities and societies for resources and consultation that can allow them to benefit from application of restorative justice principles to large-scale disruption of community life. Both prevention and intervention work are appropriate for RJ.

Any time there has been a breakdown in society which has permitted large-scale injustice, things such as human rights abuses, discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, gender or religion, or other events which impact the society at large, restorative justice is the only way to work toward reconciliation. Retributive methods aimed at punishing the wrongdoers are not effective if the goal is reconciliation, and oftentimes are not permitted by those in power. Restorative methods can meet the needs of all parties in divided societies.

The staff of RJI has deep and wide experience in the use of restorative justice principles. We are also experienced in consultation and intervention in situations from schoolyard fights to armed inter-ethnic conflict. Working together with our related organizations Restorative Justice Project .org and the Restorative Justice Project of Fresno Pacific University, we are able to assist groups at any level. Our Mission page explains how the three groups work together.

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